Dates: August 29th - August 31st
Time: 8 am-3 pm PST
Where: Virtual

Are you a heart-centered experienced professional or entrepreneur, ready to make higher level impacts through your business, your work, your gift, or your calling?

Perhaps you have an established business and you’re looking to grow in new directions, or even to step into your true purpose.

Or maybe, you’re a visionary who’s created something unique, now in need of the right brand to help it soar?

What a blessing it will be for your business and your life to get clarity from world class successful experts who have spent decades creating impacts on people’s lives and on the world they touch!

Making Your Brand Feel At Home Just Like Home

You’ve heard the buzzword “branding” all over, but do you truly understand what it means? You know you need to “get the branding right”, but it seems like such a challenge, and you want more clarity about what that even means for you and for the work you do.

The common misunderstanding of branding is as some image you have to turn into. On the contrary, effective branding digs deep, accesses your authenticity, unearths your spirit, and gets you credit for what makes you outstanding.


“THE CLARITY SUMMIT” isn’t about creating a new you, it’s about uncovering the true you.

And it’s about world-class experts guiding your success.

Through insightful sessions led by veterans of various industries, you’ll learn how to balance growth with social impact, strategically leverage multimedia platforms, adapt to the ever-changing consumer behaviors, and so much more, all while maintaining your authentic voice.

Creating a

Your legacy isn’t just about what you leave behind, it’s about the impacts you create every single day.

Our experts will guide you in the process of ‘dream and do’, showing you how to create a strategy that turns your ambitions into a reality.

You’ll learn how to attract prosperity with heart-centered strategies, leverage publicity, and deepen your tangible impact.

Imagine finally getting clarity about the brand you will become to make your higher-level impact.

Imagine getting crystal clarity from experts across multiple areas from envisioning your shift, to defining, languaging, and launching your desired brand, then from organizing, delivering, and growing to scale, to strategizing effective marketing, and prioritizing your messages, from clearing what’s hold you back, to stepping from your effectively branded business platform more easily into your purpose and the joy it brings. 

Your newfound clarity moves you in evolving the impacts of your brand in natural ways that feel intrinsic to who you are, amplifying your impact, and guiding your journey.


Whether your primary goal is to “pass along your gift” to others or to elevate your impact and your business both professionally and personally.

We guarantee this enlightening 3-day event will pave the way for you to reach your fullest potential.


Your business wants to register for the “THE CLARITY SUMMIT” and benefit from every one of its world-class speakers sharing golden nuggets of clarity. Make sure to hear all of the interviews and do not even miss one.

By registering to get access to hear every interview, you position yourself for saving tens of thousands of dollars and several years of time from mistakes and poor decisions. 

Fuel your journey with wisdom, empathy, and authenticity toward a future that truly embodies your vision and your spirit.

Here at “THE CLARITY SUMMIT” you listen and multiply the perspective and value you bring to the work you do.

Prepare to dive deep, discover your authentic voice, and invest time in growing yourself. This is your time to be guided to reach new heights of success and impact. 

This isn’t just about a little personal growth, it’s growth on a grand scale: the growth of your impact, your legacy, and your purpose.

Ready to grow?
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